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Behavior Modification:

Aggressive, Dominant and Fearful Dogs.

Problem Solving:

Jumping, Nipping and Mouthing, Unruly Behavior, Begging, Stealing Food, Jumping on Furniture, Excessive Barking, Inappropriate Chewing, House Training, Digging, Bolting, Etc…

Dog Training:

Sit, Sit-Stay, Up-Sit, Down, Down-Stay, Stand, Stand-Stay Heel, Return To Heel, Leave It Come when called, Loose-Leash Walking, Working from a distance, Etc…

San Francisco Dog Training

I’m a San Francisco Dog Trainer with over 30 years of experience in the San Francisco Bay Area. I have been involved with dogs and fascinated by animal behavior my entire life. The most important thing that I have learned about dog behavior is that they are genetically programmed to follow a leader. Dogs are continuously looking for certain signals in people through body language, vocal tones and energy. If we don’t know how they are reading us and we send wrong or inconsistent messages, then problem behavior will usually occur. We must lay down a proper psychological foundation before we can build a solid behavioral and obedience structure.

"The key to having a well trained dog is to become a well trained handler"

DS Dagg
San Francisco Dog Trainer

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